kentheslayer (kentheslayer) wrote in badtattoos_1,


Fourth (?) time's a charm?

Someone pop the cherry on this whole shebang...also, feel free to IM/comment/email me if you'd like to be a mod...I clearly dont give a shit nearly enough to keep this up as it should be.
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i dont really wanna be a mod, but it seems to me that having moderated membership would help keep the drama queen/king from joining and messing around here
I figured I might be able to drop a link in the old bad_tattoos community and maybe have some people move over...I didnt want to have to approve that many membership requests.

Since its clearly not quite working out that way...I guess Ill turn it on :)
ill join

I also feel obligated to inform you that bad_tattoos_3 is an actual active bad tattoos community. is a relative word.
just an odd question thou.. why do all the bad tattoo communities keep getting shut down?

im a member of 4 too. and its getting spammed up the butt.

what is all this?

i just wanna look at awful ink
I dont know...they seem to just get pulled down by bullshit trolling, though I have no idea how exactly it got as bad as it did.

Im the same way...Im just aggravated that the laughs are gone from my friends page :)
The guy that created the original bad_tattoos is an asshole who thinks he owns the (very original) idea of posting bad tattoos. He was kicked off lj for trolling (on personal pages), so he started a message board on his own website for bad tattoos. At first he just announced it, and it was cool, but then everyone didn't join his site, so he's trying to take down the lj communities so he has a monopoly.

4 is recovering now.
Good to hear, regarding 4.

I figure once its going well, Ill just delete this one...beings that it seems a bit extraneous atm and is very, very dead.