kentheslayer (kentheslayer) wrote in badtattoos_1,

Since no one else posts...

Since no one else seems to be posting much, I figure Ill throw in one of my own to fan the flames a bit.

NSFW, btw.

Nothing especially artsy, as none of mine that Ive posted before really are, but I figure someone out there may need a laugh.

Got this about a week ago as a gift to myself after fireworks season ended. When I was unpacking crates and noticed that we carried a new firework called the Viagra, I pretty much had to have this picture:

This happened right after two friends of mine decided to get the bee, making five now. They're all a little different, but that's my leg in the photo. Here's our group picture, since I'm here:

Hope everyone enjoys. Goddammit, something. I havent had anything decent to laugh at in ages.

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